3A Emulsifier
Maximize Lipid Digestion & Nutrient Absorption for Better Performance
A natural emulsifier for Digestion Of Lipids

Product Name 3A Emulsifier
Origin Austria
Use Poultry
1 Increased hydrophilic Emulsifier
2 Better protein solubility
3 Mimics and fortifies the effects of natural bile salts
4 Helps in absorption of fat soluble vitamins & nutrients along with important minerals
5 Saves Energy & Cost: Helps scale downupto 2% ME*
6 Improves Lipid Digestion: Ensures formation of stable emulsion
Broilers / Layers :
1 Better energy utilisation from high density rations
2 Improves feed conversion ratio (FCR) & overall performance
3 Prevents fat build-up thus producing lean meat
Feed Millers :
1 Improves pellet quality (controls pellet hardness)
2 Reduces power consumption
3 Restores moisture in pellet
4 Improves life of pellet die

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