3A Choline Chloride

3A Choline (CHOLINE CLORIDE 60% Corn Cob)
Produced under highest product standard of quality in our FAMI-QS & GMP+ approved manufacturing plant. High bioavailability, free of related impurities and safe for human handling.

Product Name 3A Choline
Origin Austria
Use Poultry
Consistent Assay:
1 Increased hydrophilic Emulsifier
2 Uniform particle size
3 Low moisture content <4%
4 Doxin free
5 Low Heavy metals limits < 10 ppm
Benefits of 3A Choline 60% :
1 Which is an essential nutrient for optimum animal growth through building and maitaining cell structure and body function.
2 Essential for the formation of acelylcholine, a substance that makes possible the transmission of nerve impulses.
3 Serves as source of methyl donor for methoinine formation.
4 Prevents fatty liver syndrome.
5 Improves FCR & growth.
6 In layers improves egg production.
7 Prevents chick perosis.

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